Lost Season Five: Some Like It Hoth

I loved the Star Wars reference in the title. For the uninitiated, Hoth was the location of the secret rebel base at the beginning of “The Empire Strikes Back”. This particular installment in the original Lucas trilogy plums the father / son relationship between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. “Hoth” explores Miles’ feelings about his father who supposedly abandoned him when he was young. Is Miles’ mother telling the truth about his father? Did Chang really kick them out? Because he seemed pretty attached to baby Miles at the end of the episode. I’m suspecting a ruse here.

Sidebar: Am I the only one who made the connection between both Luke and Vader losing their hands in “Empire” and “Jedi” and the fact that in later Dharma videos, Chang is fitted with what appears to be a prosthetic limb? Could we perhaps see a future episode wherein Miles severs off the hand of his estranged father, Skywalker-style? I’m just sayin’…

Miles is summoned to retrieve a body from sector 344, which we’re told is in Hostile territory. It seems the Island’s electromagnetic properties caused his filling to blow through his brain. I think we’re supposed to connect sector 344 with The Swan, the Dharma station we know as The Hatch from the first two seasons. Hurley witnesses the branding of the hatch door with the infamous numbers. Why did Dharma build The Swan? Hmmm…

How about Jack stepping up to Roger when he got suspicious of Kate? Methinks that’ll come back to bite the good doc. But it was nice to see Jack’s re-emergent backbone. Foreshadowing of what we’ll see from Jack in the next few episodes? I hope so. (Interesting bit of trivia: the blackboard lesson Jack was erasing in this scene was about ancient Egypt and hieroglyphics. Hmmm…)

We also got another appearance of Bram, Ilana’s silver crate shotgun-totin’ buddy. This time, we see him off Island, kidnapping Miles in a big black van. It would’ve been cool if said black van had been driven by B.A. Baracus. But I digress. I don’t like this Bram guy. Smarmy is the word that comes to mind. But it looks like he plays for a team other than Widmore. A team that he says will win this war. (More hmmm….)

Big reveal at the end of the episode: Farraday’s back! I have a feeling that our MIA physicist will have changed his mind about how much of the past / future can be changed. And I’m also willing to bet that the DeGroots might also be on that sub. Time will tell.

The producers have said that last night’s episode was intended to inject some humor into the series. Given the trippy time-travel themes of this season and the supposedly intense mind-bending direction of the next few episodes, I’d say this episode came along at just the right time. Hurley and Miles are like a modern day Laurel and Hardy or Kramden and Norton. I’ll leave it to you to figure out who’s who.

Some great lines from last night’s show:

  • “The ditch had a gun?”
  • “Why don’t we carpool? It’ll help with global warming…which hasn’t happened yet…so maybe we can prevent it.”
  • “You’re just jealous my power is better than yours.”
  • “How do you feel about polar bear feces?”
  • “Maybe he’ll let you hold baby you or you can change your own diaper.”

Among my questions at this point:
Where are Rose and Bernard? I will keep asking this until we see them again.
What lies in the shadow of the statue? And how does knowledge of said item make you ready to go to the Island (as Bram preached to Miles)?
When will we see this “war” we’ve been hearing about?
How is Sawyer going to con his way out of the trouble he’s in? I really hate to see anything happen to him and Juliet.

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8 Responses to Lost Season Five: Some Like It Hoth

  1. -Lane says:

    I loved the skunk stripe in Miles’ hair in the flashback while talking with his mom. You’re right when you say there something awry with that situation. I really hated the Miles character when he was first introduced, but he’s really growing on me. Especially the connection between him and Hurley. Seems like on ABC’s forecast at the end of the show, that they’ll all be choosing sides soon. The question therein lies whether Bram and buddies are with Ben, or a totally different group altogether. Me thinks they’re a third party, and this should be exciting to watch play out. Do you think next week’s episode will provide any new info, or will it be just like one of the podcasts spiffed up for tv?

  2. Dylan says:

    The biggest reveal in this episode is that Bram, Llana, ande the rest of the “Shadow of the Statue” People do NOT belong to Widmore’s group as we originally thought. We’ve been thinking that the coming “war” for control of the Island that Widmore referred to was going to be against team Ben and team Widmore, but now it’s obvious that a 3rd team is in play. Who’s behind this 3rd team? Eloise Farraday? Halpert? Former Dharma people (Degroot’s?)? Olivar Hanso or the Hanso corportation?So, just for fun, let’s summarize all the groups in Lost.1. Oceanic Losties (not many left of the original 48 survivors+tailies. After the arrow attack, there’s probably only 10-15left hiding with Rose and Bernard, as well as the 9 we still keep track of).2. The Others3. Team Ben (not necessarily still affiliated with the Others. This includes Butcher shop lady as well as all his other people off island)4. Team Widmore5. Freighter folk (oh wait, they’re all dead….and Miles, Farraday, and Lapidus have all been assimilated into other groups)6. “Shadow of the Statue” Team (Llana, Bram, and…..?)7. Dharma Initiave (dead in present, still hangin’ in ’77)8. Hanso Corportation (I still think they have a part to play before all is said and done…maybe connected with #2, #4, #6, or #7)9. Jacob/Christian/Halpert/Locke (kind of their own mystical Island Protector/Leader group)10. Original island inhabitants who built the statue (possibly connected with the Others)11. Adam and Eve12. Nikki and PauloAm I missing anyone else?

  3. Dylan says:

    Also, what changes do you think Hurley made with Empire Strikes Back? Was it just what he was talking about with Luke and Vader reconciling so we don’t have to have the Ewoks?

  4. SKID says:

    Jason, (I’ll post this on my LOST thoughts later on, but . . .)Quick question . . . and I usually hate trite connections made in haste, but having said that . . .ANY chance that Alvarez’s “Andrea” (that Miles “heard” him talk about) is Annie?(Alvarez, you remember is the DHARMA Swan worker guy slain by the Cavity Creeps). . . or was she just mentioned by name to highlight Miles humanity beneath his cynical surface???I still maintain that whatever happens to Annie is what sends Ben over the edge.Wacko prediction: Maybe SHE (Annie) dies in childbirth giving birth to . . . Karl and THAT is why Ben wanted to keep them apart. Even though not related by blood, there is a Luke/Leia thing going on between he and Alex?)As I read back over this it looks JUST like the theories I skim over and even want to throw into a pile of polar poop, but I found it odd that Andrea was mentioned so prominently . . . AND I keep waiting for Annie’s return . . . which I think will come in the season finale. My guess is that “the incident” takes her out.

  5. Jason says:

    Lane, I think Bram & Ilana are playing for a whole different team. I think the whole Ben vs Widmore feud may have been a ruse to throw us off the trail of these statue-shadow-riddle people. Dylan, I'm kind of partial to the idea that Bram & Ilana are there to reconstitute a new Dharma group. If that's the case, maybe they're backed by Hanso or the Degroots or someone else. How about Mr. Paik? And I think Hurley was just saying that if Luke and Vader had "communicated", then we wouldn't have been subjected to Jedi, a two hour stinkfest fraught with Ewoks and the wussification of Solo. But it is interesting that Hurley rewrote the opening to make Chewie, not Solo, the hero for destroying the Imperial drone. I guess the big man is partial to furry (or "fury") creatures like himself.

  6. Jason says:

    Skid,I’m with you re: your theory that Annie will be crucial to Ben’s story. I didn’t think anything of it when Miles mentioned Andrea’s name, but you and I both know there’s very little throwaway information on a show like LOST. It’ll be interesting to see if you’re right.

  7. Dylan says:

    Jason,I think you’re right that Bram and Llana are reconstituted Dharma. There has to be something that ties the ’77 and present day Ajira survivors.

  8. Jenny Parish says:

    Ok, this may have been mentioned on a previous post but… why do we think that Sun came back to the island on “current” time? At first I thought maybe she was born on the island and therefore couldn’t go back to the time when she was small. However, we saw Miles looking at himself…. so confusing!! But I love it!! I can’t believe we are only weeks away from the season finale!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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