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The Gospel as a Caged Lion

The Word of God can take care of itself, and will do so if we preach it, and cease defending it. See you that lion. They have caged him for his preservation; shut him up behind iron bars to secure … Continue reading

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Shepherds After My Own Heart

A few years ago, a read a great book by Timothy Laniak entitled, “Shepherds After My Own Heart.” It’s an overview of the pastoral tradition found in the Bible. I re-read the introduction tonight and I was struck by the … Continue reading

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The Church: An Outpost of Service and Love

From James Bryan Smith in his book, The Good and Beautiful Community: Communities become others-centered when they are steeped in the narrative of the kingdom of God. They know that their community is an outpost of the Kingdom of God, … Continue reading

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Nouwen on Anger

I’ve been thinking about this quote lately: Anger is what we use when we run out of love.

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Quotes on Culture

Quotes on culture from Andy Crouch’s “Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling”: There is no such thing as “the Culture,” and any attempt to talk about “the Culture,” especially in terms of “transforming the Culture,” is misled and misleading. Real … Continue reading

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On Repentance

From Kalistos Ware: To repent is to look, not downward at my own shortcomings, but upward at God’s love; not backward with self-reproach, but forward with trustfulness. It is to see, not what I have failed to be, but what … Continue reading

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Quote: Brought to the Glory of God

The Christian gospel is not merely that Jesus died and rose again; and not merely that these events appease God’s wrath, forgive sin, and justify sinners; and not merely that this redemption gets us out of hell and into heaven; … Continue reading

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