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A Theological Interpretation of Toy Story 4

Our family saw Toy Story 4 last week. I’ll be honest…my expectations were pretty low. I mean, after the FANTASTIC way that Toy Story 3 wrapped up this entire narrative thread in a nice, neat package, I really thought another … Continue reading

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Daily Bible: Leviticus 1-2

I’ve decided to start this year by reading the book of Leviticus. For the past couple of years I’ve referred to Leviticus as “the daily Bible reading killer” and it’s mostly true: many a New Year’s resolution has been foiled … Continue reading

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The Story: In the Beginning…Let There Be

In the beginning… Every story has a great beginning. The Story of God is no different. But then again, this story is quite different. This is the ultimate opening scene, the beginning of all things. From the very first words … Continue reading

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1 Corinthians 13: The Greatest of These

Originally posted on already & not yet:
Over the years, I’ve developed my own working theology of Paul’s discourse on love found in 1 Cor. 13. I’ve used this material in sermons, in premarital counseling, and in conversation with good…

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Saints in Santa Rosa de Copan

Lately, I’ve been posting mostly my daily Bible study comments as our church family reads through the New Testament together in 2012. (For more information, check out this link to our Facebook page.) But it’s been a while since I … Continue reading

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The World Seen Through Its Victims

Douglas John Hall, in his excellent book titled Thinking the Faith, writes of the necessity incumbent upon disciples of Jesus to acknowledge others as “bearers of worlds”, to honor those we encounter as individuals to whom the world has uniquely … Continue reading

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Kingdom Values: Indiscriminate Love

I continue to reflect on the devastating storm that blew through here a little more than two weeks ago. If you came here looking for music reviews or cutesy posts about what my kids have done this week, I’ve got … Continue reading

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