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Best Books of 2017

Each year, I set myself a goal to read 52 books — one per week over the course of a year. I usually fall short of the goal; the last time I hit the mark was 2011. But it’s still … Continue reading

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Summer Reading / Playlist

Things have been pretty quiet over here at the blog lately. Between end-of-summer festivities and the start of a new school year, it’s just been awfully busy around here lately. But I decided to take a little time and write … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Pizza

What do you think? Should I go back for another piece?    

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2015: Looking Back

I’m currently reading Sherry Turkle’s fantastic new book, Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age. Turkle contends that one of the casualties of our digital infatuation is a lack of critical self-reflection. We simply don’t take time … Continue reading

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Why I Love My Job

This is why I love my job. Yesterday I had conversations with members of our church about the following topics: Gun control Darrelle Revis and spiritual warfare The widespread feeling of xenophobia that grips us Ironic T-shirts Family systems theory … Continue reading

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For reasons I still can’t comprehend, tonight Sunny and I decided to reorganize the closet in my office at home. I suspect every home has that place where stuff just accrues, that handy closet where you can throw things when … Continue reading

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Top Ten: Dwight Yoakam

After a friend of mine recently began posting his “top ten” lists of favorite songs by his favorite artists and that got me thinking about my favorites as well. This post is part of a similarly-themed series that I’ll be … Continue reading

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