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Jackson’s music featured as part of the pre-worship loop at our church’s Wednesday PM gathering!

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First Day of School 2021-22

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With Sprocket

Last week at the Trash Pandas game

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How have seventeen years gone by so quickly? Abby Kate is full of great ambition and drive. She sets high goals for herself and achieves them with her determination. She is also thoughtful; she is the embodiment of the phrase, … Continue reading

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New Music: Jackson Bybee

Jackson has been at it again, releasing three new songs today. If you’ve listened to any of his previous songs, you know what to expect here. Lots of electro beats. I really like his stuff.

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Key West

We also made the drive from Miami to Key West, which was a really pretty drive. We spent a day in Key West; here are some of our pictures and a video I shot while I was taking part in … Continue reading

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Marlins Park

Our family visited Marlins Park in Miami as part of our vacation last week. We had a great time, but I wouldn’t rank it very highly on my list. I’ll have a revised stadium rankings list coming up soon. Until … Continue reading

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Rewatching LOST: Season One, Episode Four

Last night, we watched episode four, the first Locke-centric episode of the series. It’s pretty cool seeing some of the Locke themes playing out even in this first flashback. I was always struck by his, “Don’t tell me what I … Continue reading

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Rewatching LOST: Season One, Episodes One and Two

My daughter and I are rewatching our favorite show, LOST. We first watched it together about four or five years ago, but we’ve decided to start it again from the beginning. I want to log some of my thoughts about … Continue reading

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My Girls

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