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Psalm 5: In the Morning You Hear My Prayer

As I continue my slow stroll through the Psalms, I’m struck by the way the Psalmists weave God into the “ordinary” rhythms of the day — what some have called “the offices of prayer.” Psalm 4 ends with the Psalmist … Continue reading

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Key West

We also made the drive from Miami to Key West, which was a really pretty drive. We spent a day in Key West; here are some of our pictures and a video I shot while I was taking part in … Continue reading

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Marlins Park

Our family visited Marlins Park in Miami as part of our vacation last week. We had a great time, but I wouldn’t rank it very highly on my list. I’ll have a revised stadium rankings list coming up soon. Until … Continue reading

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Psalm 4: I Lie Down in Peace

Psalm 4 is traditionally understood as an evening Psalm, a prayer for bedtime. This is because of the powerful closing line, found in verse 8: In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O LORD, make … Continue reading

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Psalm 3: Arise

The heading for Psalm 3 indicates the setting: when David fled from his own son, Absalom. I was immediately struck by how difficult this must have been for David. When your own son is trying to take your life, you … Continue reading

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Psalm 2: The Lord’s Anointed

Continuing a series of posts on the Psalms using the ESV but also Jon Goldingay’s “The First Testament.” The first thing I noticed was another reference to “murmuring” in v1 of Goldingay’s translation: Why have nations crowded together, and peoples … Continue reading

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Rewatching LOST: Season One, Episode Four

Last night, we watched episode four, the first Locke-centric episode of the series. It’s pretty cool seeing some of the Locke themes playing out even in this first flashback. I was always struck by his, “Don’t tell me what I … Continue reading

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Psalm 1: Delight in the Law

I’m beginning a new blog series today, simply working my way through the Psalms. I invite you to join me in reading one Psalm each day for the next 150 days. Who knows how richly God will bless us through … Continue reading

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Rewatching LOST: Season One, Episode Three

Secrets abound in episode three: the hiking party decides not to inform the rest of the group about the French distress call they picked up on the transceiver; Jack and Hurley discover Kate’s secret as a convict. And we get … Continue reading

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Rewatching LOST: Season One, Episodes One and Two

My daughter and I are rewatching our favorite show, LOST. We first watched it together about four or five years ago, but we’ve decided to start it again from the beginning. I want to log some of my thoughts about … Continue reading

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