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May the 4th

Coolest character in the SW universe? Han Solo, of course, but the Mandalorian has a case for #2. Maybe Darth Maul gives him a run.

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The Bybee Family Survivor Game

My youngest child is a Survivor fanatic. We all enjoy the show, but he’s especially obsessed. Over the holiday break, he’s created his own version of Survivor, complete with immunity challenges, hidden idols, and a tribal council set-up in our … Continue reading

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Best Books of 2017

Each year, I set myself a goal to read 52 books — one per week over the course of a year. I usually fall short of the goal; the last time I hit the mark was 2011. But it’s still … Continue reading

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Fixer Upper: The Hope of Creation

We’re suckers for home renovation shows. A dozen years ago, it was Trading Spaces. (Remember that show? It kinda put TLC on the map.) Then it was the Extreme Home Makeover craze. About five years ago, Sunny and I fell in love with House … Continue reading

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Top Five: March 2014

Time for my monthly rundown of what I’m into at the moment. Augustines by Augustines. In my constant pursuit of great music, I came across this album in late February via an eMusic recommendation. Little did I know how quickly … Continue reading

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Top Five: February 2014

One of the things I’ve challenged myself with for 2014 is to post a “Top Five” each month: five things I’m enjoying right now, be it books, music, movies, etc. If nothing else, it helps me keep the blog current. … Continue reading

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For years, I’ve lamented the fact that MLB Network has been unavailable on Dish. Thanks to an exclusive contract with DirectTV, this channel — complete with out of market games, nonstop baseball coverage, and tons of exclusive content — was … Continue reading

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LOST: How It Should Have Ended

LOST fans, whether you loved or hated the series finale, I think you’ll enjoy this little piece from the guys over at How It Should Have Ended. Hilarious. Who wants some eternity water?

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LOST Season Six Rewatch: LA X

So I received LOST Season Six as a belated anniversary present (thanks, Sunny). Now I’m going back and re-watching and I’m noticing a lot of things that make more sense now. Thought I’d keep a running journal of these thoughts … Continue reading

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LOST Season Six: The New Man in Charge

In case you haven’t heard, the final season of LOST is available on Blu-Ray and DVD at the end of the month. (And, I don’t know…say, your spouse is a super huge fan of the show and you’re 11th wedding … Continue reading

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