The Bybee Family Survivor Game

One of the immunity challenges from Season 2 of the Bybee Family Survivor Game

My youngest child is a Survivor fanatic. We all enjoy the show, but he’s especially obsessed. Over the holiday break, he’s created his own version of Survivor, complete with immunity challenges, hidden idols, and a tribal council set-up in our playroom. It’s really awesome and he’s proving to be a pretty good host. (Watch your back, Propst.)

In our first season (last week), I was the first person voted out.

By unanimous vote.

My wife voted me out, as did all three of my children.

Probably a good thing, because I ended up winning Season 2 (New Year’s Day). I played a pretty complete game, if I do say so myself. I won an individual immunity, I found a hidden immunity idol AND an advantage (an extra vote), had an alliance member give up their own immunity to protect me at one tribal, and I fashioned a fake idol that I wore to the final vote. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I’m asked to mentor rookie castaways on the next Island of the Idols season.

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