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Boring Sermon?

My niece came to church with us this morning. Joshua snapped this picture of her midway through my sermon. “Blessed is the man whose children keep him humble.”

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A New Day: Garland Instead of Ashes, Part 1

Police officers in Oregon recently responded after a woman reported that a burglar was locked in her bathroom. She had come home and heard some strange sounds coming from her bathroom. As she cautiously approached the bathroom, she could see … Continue reading

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Supernatural Paper?

Saw this at CostCo yesterday. A shopping cooler made with “supernatural paper.” To quote The Princess Bride, “I do not think that word means what you think it means.”

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Joshua. Tree.

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He had a gift card to Target. He used it to buy this:

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Daring Faith: Born Again

In August of 2010, Judy Rivers of Logan, Alabama went to her local bank to open a new account. As the clerk input Rivers’ personal information, everything seemed to be going smoothly, but then the woman behind the desk stopped … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Pizza

What do you think? Should I go back for another piece?    

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Things I Want to Remember, Vol. 30

So I have two tickets to the Tennessee / Alabama game this coming Saturday. All along, I’d been planning to take Abby Kate. Outside of taking the whole family, I’ve taken the boys on “solo” ball game trips before, so … Continue reading

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Things I Want to Remember, Vol. 28

March 26, 2015 That’s the day that I decided to open up a few windows to let in a nice cool spring breeze. I started with the windows in the kitchen and the dining room. It was a little stuffy … Continue reading

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Star Wars Myers-Briggs

This is really cool. Except for the fact that I’m an INTJ…which makes me Emperor Palpatine. Mwaaaahhaaaahhhaaa!    

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