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On Procrastination

This was sent over to me by my friend, Mike. I wanted to share it here with you all. Don’t wait to read it! It might be too late! 🙂 (I found this excerpt about Benoit Mandelbrot (mathematician) on the … Continue reading

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Matthew 6

Reading for Monday, June 18: Matthew 6 Upon careful reading, you realize the assumptions Jesus makes in the Sermon on the Mount. “When you give to the needy,” (v2); “when you pray,” (v5); “when you fast,” (v16). Jesus assumes that … Continue reading

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Acts 13

Reading for Tuesday, April 24: Acts 13 The chapter begins with Paul and Barnabas setting out on their initial missionary journey. The church at Antioch is worshipping and fasting – two compatible components of their lives. And this provides the … Continue reading

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