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Abby K8

So my daughter has a blog now. You should check it out at Her most recent post is all about her favorite summer road trip music. Good stuff. I take a bit of pride in her eclectic musical taste!

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New Year Meanderings

It’s January 18th and I’ve yet to make a blog post in 2019. But there’s also this: it’s January 18th and a guy in my neighborhood still has his Christmas lights up. And on. Like, a bunch of them. Every … Continue reading

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Best Albums Revisited

Normally by this time, I’ve identified two or three albums that really resonate with me. But it’s mid-August and I’m still waiting for a batch of new songs to really grab me. There have been some interesting releases so far … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day: For Mom

Originally posted on already & not yet:
When I was 15 years old, my mother and I signed up to work the nursery at church on Sunday mornings during the summer. It was a job she and I had done…

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That Didn’t Take Long

So much for the New Year’s Resolution. I’m still blogging at a greater pace than at any point last year, so that’s a start.

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Ten Years In

Ten years in, I lay out some new goals for the use of this space Continue reading

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2014: Looking Back

Today is the last day of 2014. Did I just write that sentence? Wow, this year has really gone by quickly. I know that’s such a cliche thing to say on a day like today, but it just rings true. … Continue reading

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