Jackson’s New Blog

My youngest son has a blog he’s been writing for the past several months called Everything TV. He’s been writing about some of what he’s been watching, including several posts about Survivor and our family viewing of The Help in February as part of Black History Month.

Last night, he started a second blog, more of a personal blog and you can find it here. I think he’s planning to keep the Everything TV blog, but this new site will feature some of his other interests. For example, he’s started this new blog with a couple of posts ranking the albums of two of his favorite musical artists: Taylor Swift and Bon Iver. I love reading his thoughts about music and I’m looking forward to some of his future posts.

Check out his stuff if you have a minute. I think you’ll enjoy it!

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1 Response to Jackson’s New Blog

  1. Jackson Bybee says:

    come check it out!!!

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