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Album of the Year Update

I love music. I’ve written about some of my favorite music here, particularly at the end of each year when I pick my “Album of the Year.” During the Covid lockdown days, I began developing a list of winners working … Continue reading

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Machoism and Masculinity: Dispatches from the Vacuum Cleaner

I’ve grown up in a world where machoism has been confused with masculinity. You probably know what I mean. Machoism is being a “real” man. It’s the belief that “real” men don’t cry or express any emotion at all…except anger. … Continue reading

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My Partner in Crime

I have added a new member to my fantasy baseball team’s front office. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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Top Ten: Johnny Cash

A friend of mine has recently been posting his “top ten” lists of favorite songs by some of his favorite artists. He’s inspired me to do the same thing and, after a draining couple of days, I thought I’d have … Continue reading

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They Will Remember

Twenty-seven years ago today, at the age of forty-six, my father passed away. I was ten years old at the time and, needless to say, his passing was one of the two or three most profoundly defining moments of my … Continue reading

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For Tara

The prophet Isaiah spoke of one who was “acquainted with grief.” Unfortunately, for some grief is less a mere acquaintance and more an unwelcome associate, an unbidden sojourner that can’t be shaken. My sister Tara is one such individual. Our … Continue reading

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The Sons of Greatness

In Ken Burns’ fabulous documentary Baseball, there’s an anecdote about Willie “Pops” Stargell. In 1971, Stargell’s Pirates won the World Series in 7 games, defeating the defending-champion Baltimore Orioles. Stargell, an eventual Hall of Famer, had a particularly brutal series … Continue reading

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The Art of Saying No

I’m like most people I know: too busy. I’m probably a nerd for doing this, but I begin each Monday morning by diagramming out my week: administrative responsibilities on Monday, meetings and visits to make on Tuesday, classes to teach … Continue reading

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A Penny Is Just A Penny

When is a penny “just a penny”? Depends, I guess. While we were in the hospital for Sunny’s surgery, part of my daily ritual was to run downstairs to the cafeteria to grab a little breakfast and bring it back … Continue reading

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A Pessimist’s Take on Hope

My Dad was a pretty negative guy. When I was growing up, I could never go to my friends’ swimming parties. When I asked why, my Dad would say, “Because you don’t know how to swim.” “How am I supposed … Continue reading

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