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Top Ten: Dwight Yoakam

After a friend of mine recently began posting his “top ten” lists of favorite songs by his favorite artists and that got me thinking about my favorites as well. This post is part of a similarly-themed series that I’ll be … Continue reading

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Top Ten: Johnny Cash

A friend of mine has recently been posting his “top ten” lists of favorite songs by some of his favorite artists. He’s inspired me to do the same thing and, after a draining couple of days, I thought I’d have … Continue reading

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Top Ten: Things I Wish Would Go Away

For those of you who check in here frequently, I apologize for the lack of posting lately. Over the weekend, Sunny and I decided to tackle a major project: painting our den, kitchen, and playroom areas. Our house has a … Continue reading

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10 Things I Am Learning From Being A Dad

My friend Adam tagged me in his recent post “10 Things I Am Learning From Being A Dad”, so I thought I’d play along. As you know, I play Daddy to 3 year-old twins and an 8-month old. Needless to … Continue reading

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