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The Bybee Family Survivor Game

My youngest child is a Survivor fanatic. We all enjoy the show, but he’s especially obsessed. Over the holiday break, he’s created his own version of Survivor, complete with immunity challenges, hidden idols, and a tribal council set-up in our … Continue reading

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Family Road Trip 2014 Day 3

Today was driving day. After spending the last two days in Missouri, today we loaded up the Family Truckster and made our way north. We decided to sleep in a bit after two late nights at the ball park. With … Continue reading

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Top Five: January 2014

I wanted to take more time to write here on the blog in 2014. Of course, here we are halfway through January and this is my first post of the year! One of the things I thought I’d do is … Continue reading

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A Chip Off the Old Block

Today, while the other children were napping, I introduced Jackson to the greatness that is Madden football. He loved having his own controller like Daddy; he had fun pushing all the buttons and moving the little joystick around. After a … Continue reading

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Just In Case You Were Wondering

95 words And I still didn’t win the typing award in high school. I’d like to see Karie Stewart type 95 words a minute.

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Fun Friday

Thanks to Scott, now I’m hooked on this game.

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A Moment to Brag

New high score on the tile game: 2190. Yeah, baby!

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Things I’m Lovin’

Here are a couple of things I’m loving right now: 1. Our Wednesday night Treasure series. We’ve had two great weeks studying our blessings and our charge to lay up treasure in heaven. Tonight’s Road Trip promises to be another … Continue reading

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