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Better Angels: Flag Day 2017

The lesson my kids learned today in D.C. — “As Americans, we don’t shoot one another over our political differences.” Today we were scheduled to tour the White House with Martha Brooks, the wife of our congressman, Mo Brooks. She … Continue reading

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Back Porch Eschatology Is The Best Eschatology

While grilling some chicken last night, Jackson brought me his Bible. (He wanted a “real” Bible the other day, rather than a “kids” Bible, so we stopped and let him pick one out.) He had been reading Genesis 1 and … Continue reading

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Nature’s Classroom

I had a great time this week at Nature’s Classroom with the kids. We spent the week at a campground atop Lookout Mountain in Mentone. All three of us learned quite a bit and I’m super proud of the kids … Continue reading

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The Mask You Live In

The other day I saw a trailer for a documentary entitled “The Mask You Live In.” The filmmakers examine the narrow way we define masculinity in this country and the impact this has on our sons. I’ve not seen the … Continue reading

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Out West, Day 2

Today was a fun day. We woke up in Cheyenne and drove four hours to Wind Cave in South Dakota. Some time last year, as we were preparing for this trip, Sunny and I bought a book on the National … Continue reading

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Nine Years Old

Today our youngest turns nine years old, which is really hard for me to believe. Sidebar: I’m not one of those people who has a problem with getting older. I know plenty of adults who complain about their age or … Continue reading

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Excellent Play

One of the parents on our baseball team shot this video of our game action on Saturday. A routine 4-3-2 double play. And that’s my boy playing first!   

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