Her Goodness

Bybee_family_pictures-179Today our family celebrates a very special birthday.

Her students call her “Mrs. Bybee.”

The kids call her “Mommy.”

I simply call her “Sunny.”

But today we give thanks for this woman and all the goodness she brings to our lives.

In pre-marital counseling, I’ll often ask engaged couples to identify their partner’s most endearing, defining quality. “What one word best summarizes how you see him / her?” It’s always a blessing to see these young couples speak such powerful words of truth relative to identity. I believe such activity is foundational to a healthy marriage.

As I apply my question to myself and Sunny, I know exactly what one word best summarizes her character: goodness. In her heart, Sunny is just a good person. And she always has been.

Twenty years ago this month, Sunny and I started dating. As I look back to those earliest days of our relationship, I see remarkable consistency of character in Sunny. From day one, I’ve never known anyone more interested in doing the right thing…not the convenient thing…not the popular thing…not the politically expedient thing…but the right thing, in any and every circumstance. She was that way when I met her at age 17. And she’s the same person today.

Her goodness has been a gift to so many throughout the years. I can only imagine the ways her students are shaped by daily exposure to her character. I know my children are better people for growing up under her care.

And I know beyond a doubt that her goodness has profoundly shaped my life for the better.

I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living! — Psalm 27:13

Sunny, you are a channel of God’s goodness to all of us. Through you, we see Him. I hope today you feel loved and cherished and honored.

Baby, you’re the greatest!

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