Rewatching LOST: Season One, Episode Three

Secrets abound in episode three: the hiking party decides not to inform the rest of the group about the French distress call they picked up on the transceiver; Jack and Hurley discover Kate’s secret as a convict. And we get the full flashback treatment for which the show was so well known, a bit of Kate’s backstory in Australia.

Some thoughts about this episode:

  • The chemistry between Jack and Kate is evident in these early episodes; but there is darkness as well. It’s kind of heartbreaking when Kate comes back and says to Jack, “I need to tell you something,” but instead of coming clean about her identity, she simply tells Jack about the French distress signal. This scene is a bit of a microcosm of their relationship through the entire series.
  • I love Sawyer’s banter with Jack in the plane fuselage, especially when he says, “I’m in the wild.” Josh Holloway really does make the show the way he plays Sawyer.
  • This episode really sets the tone for Kate as a fugitive / heroine. Not only does she put the oxygen mask on the Marshal before the crash, she also rescues Ray (the Australian farmer) from the car crash even after he turned her in. This actually led to her capture by the Marshal, which is how she ended up on Oceanic 815 in the first place. So even though the island represents redemption and a fresh start for Kate, it was actually heroic actions that led to her predicament in the first place.
  • Locke rescuing Vincent and giving him to Michael is a great John Locke moment and it sets up the next Locke-centric episode.
  • When Jack tells Kate at the end of the episode, “Three days ago, we all died,” people understandably read quite a bit into his statement, positing that our castaways were stuck in some sort of purgatory.
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