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NFL Playoff Picks: Wild Card Weekend

Every year our family makes predictions regarding the NFL playoff games. It’s sort of comical because those of us who don’t follow the NFL at all usually do a better job of predicting these games than those of us who … Continue reading

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Jason Isbell at the Mars Music Hall in Huntsville, Alabama

Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit opens Mars Music Hall Continue reading

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The Bybee Family Survivor Game

My youngest child is a Survivor fanatic. We all enjoy the show, but he’s especially obsessed. Over the holiday break, he’s created his own version of Survivor, complete with immunity challenges, hidden idols, and a tribal council set-up in our … Continue reading

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Somewhere South of Atlanta: What Makes for Peace

So then let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding. Romans 14:19 I had about 12 hours of “windshield time” yesterday as we drove home from Florida — lots of time to think. I started thinking about … Continue reading

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Best Books of 2019

Each year I set myself a goal to read 52 books — one per week. Most years I don’t hit the mark but I read exactly 52 books in 2018 and by the time I finish my current read, I’ll … Continue reading

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Albums of the Decade: 2010-2019

Finishing out my year-end review of my favorite music with a look back at my favorite albums of the past decade. (For all the nerds out there, I get it: technically, the decade doesn’t end until next year. But that’s … Continue reading

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Machoism and Masculinity: Dispatches from the Vacuum Cleaner

I’ve grown up in a world where machoism has been confused with masculinity. You probably know what I mean. Machoism is being a “real” man. It’s the belief that “real” men don’t cry or express any emotion at all…except anger. … Continue reading

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