Do you have a favorite commercial? History proves it; every year at our Super Bowl party, more people are interested in the latest advertisements than the game on the field. As I’m writing, I’ve got the TV on and it’s amazing how many different advertisers vie for even a fraction of our time. Thirty second ads at this year’s Super Bowl ran for upwards of 3 million dollars. Why? Because more people watch the Super Bowl than any other event. With that many people watching, how could you blame these companies for wanting to capitalize? Time is truly our most precious commodity.

The Biblical principle of giving is concerned with firstfruits. In Exodus 23, Israel is commanded to offer the firstfruits of the soil — their crops — to God. This reflects an attitude that the entire crop belongs to God. As provider, God is worthy of the first, the best, the choice. Often, the discussion on giving centers around our financial responsibility to give cheerfully & support the work of the local church. While such dialogue is instructive and godly, the conversation must not end there. If our time is truly more valuable than even our earnings, then surely our responsibility to give extends to our day-timer, too. Am I giving God the firstfruits of my time? Do I consistently spend time in the Word? Do I “take captive every thought” by reflecting on the things of God? We understand about tithing our income; where is the sermon on tithing our time? I understand we keep a frenetic schedule these days, and my life is no different. But the principle of Sabbath, while not necessarily “binding” today, is still an important one. Pause. Be still…and know God. Remember Him. Reflect on His Word. Share the story with family & loved ones. Give him the firstfruits He deserves.

To the author of time…
Until time is no more…
May our gifts — insufficient & inadequate — bring you praise nonetheless, O Ancient of Days

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