Something Else I’m Loving…

Lately, I’ve really enjoyed reading Mike Brown’s blog, Ocular Fusion. Mike is father to three of our youth group guys, a fellow baseball enthusiast and something of a church history buff. If you enjoy witty, intelligent commentary, check out Ocular Fusion. A little politics, a little theology, a little sports talk (he’s a fellow Card fan)…it’s all solid stuff worthy of a read.

I was reading Isaiah 43 today and I was struck at how many times in Scripture God implores us not to be afraid. The underlying message is that we need not fear any foe or opponent, for the God-with-us is mighty to deliver, strong to save. This is the heart of Romans 8:31. With God on my side, whom shall I fear?

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3 Responses to Something Else I’m Loving…

  1. scott says:

    I preached on this yesterday, but took a different tack. From Joshua 5 when Joshua confronts the Commander of the Lord’s Army (Jesus) outside of Jericho he asks are you on our side or the enemies. The response? No. A better question, to me, is “Am I on God’s side?” I know He’s with me but am I For Him?

  2. mike the eyeguy says:

    You are too kind–thanks for the plug. But as to the “witty” and “intelligent” stuff, maybe you really DO need to get out a little more. ;-)How about Sir Albert’s 412 ft. job over the train tracks (woo! woo!)! It’s time to conjure up the ghost of ol’ Auggie and turn him loose on the Beer Wagon!

  3. Jason says:

    Looks like we’ve got Big Mo on our side, at least heading into Game 6. I know we have an uphill battle facing off against Oswalt and Clemens, but Mulder and Morris aren’t slouches either.Anybody who still thinks Pujols isn’t the NL MVP is crazy. That moonshot would’ve been out of any park, unlike Berkman’s cheapie into the Crawfords.Go Cards, baby!

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