Best of ’05

Well, it’s time for my first-annual Year In Review post. Here are my “Best Of…” movies, books, albums & songs, with a dash of miscellaneous commentary. Feel free to let me know your year-end faves as well.

Best movie:
March of the Penguins. Loved this film. Granted, I don’t get to see as many movies as I did back in the day (still waiting on Kong & Narnia), but this one was awesome. Who knew a film about penguins could embody so much humanity? You have to go rent this one.
Honorable mention: Walk the Line. An expose of the country legend, demons and all.

Best popcorn movie:
Batman Begins. I actually enjoyed this one more than Revenge of the Sith. True to the comic, this is the way the Dark Knight was intended: cold, calculating, reluctant…very little separates him from the villains he opposes.

Best TV show:
LOST. I know, I know…this is everyone’s watercooler show. But is there another program that does the “revealing while concealing” trick any better than LOST? Not since the X-Files heyday has a mythology been as gripping. Season Two has been great — the introduction of the “Tailies” has added a new layer to the show while not disrupting the continuity of last season’s plot. Is Walt still alive? Will we see Desmond again? What’s up with that horse & Kate? So many questions, and the answers just lead to more questions. I’m hooked.

Best Reality TV show:
The Amazing Race. If you’re not watching this show, the question is, “Why not?” In a genre dilluted with shows meant to degrade and dehumanize, the Amazing Race rises above the chaff. You don’t win this race by voting people out; instead, to win each leg requires communication, commitment and teamwork. The latest “Family” edition may have lacked the bite of earlier seasons, but look for a brand new season to return in February. This is great TV, my friends.

Best album:
A Collision by the David Crowder Band. A masterful next step in their artistic evolution. An eclectic mix of different genres (punk, bluegrass, piano-driven ballads, anthem rock, etc.) with worship as their common denominator. Isn’t that what worship is about, a diverse people united to worship a common God? Throw in some groovy whistling riffs and a key-tar and you’ve got yourself a five-star album in my book.
Honorable mentions:
1. X&Y by Coldplay. I was looking forward to this one for months, and it didn’t disappoint. Some are calling this their Joshua Tree, and I wouldn’t argue.
2. Wherever You Are by Third Day. A new set from my favorite Georgia rockers. Best track: Communion.
3. Pronto by Lost & Found. An acquired taste — quirky, raw and honest.

Best song:
Colplay’s Fix You. Intimate. Anthemic. Sweeping. Rip-the-knob-off good. Everything you need from a good rock song.

Most annoying song I can’t get out of my head:
Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day. I liked it the first 400 times I heard it. Now it’s just getting old.
(Dis)Honorable mention:
My Humps, Black Eyes Peas. This is the most vile, perverse piece of garbage I’ve ever heard. And it’s catchy.

Best book:
I read Blue Like Jazz this year, and loved it, but I think it was released a year or two ago. So my book o’ the year goes to Jesus: A Novel by Walter Wangerin. I waxed eloquent about Wangerin on here a month or two ago, but he’s brilliant. And he might’ve outdone himself with this most ambitious work. With grad school reading, this one’s about the only ’05 release I knocked out this year, but it was a solid choice.

As I said, feel free to agree (or disagree). I’d love to hear your picks for the year’s best.

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7 Responses to Best of ’05

  1. scott says:

    be looking for mine in the next week or two.

  2. Jenna says:

    Narnia is amazing. Seen it twice, going to see it again. You would like it.

  3. Troy O'Donohoe says:

    Is it sad that I base my entire life on the things you have done…I can’t move an inch unless I know you’ve already done it too…I guess I’ll have to purchase a new black notebook…By the way…made an offer on a home…offer accepted…Lori and I will soon be living in our FIRST home (after 5 years of marriage we’ve lived in a lot of places)!!!Come and sleep in our guest room!

  4. Jason says:

    T-Roy, congrats man. I’ll come down for a Braves game and I’ll stay in the guest room.I’ve heard Narnia is great. Never read the books, but everyone I know says that doesn’t matter. I’ll try and check it out over the break.I have an amendment to my best movies list. Rented Crash last night…very, very powerful. Lots of language, but an artistically crafted synopsis of racial discrimination. It’s not a “popcorn” go-numb movie, but it’s well done & brilliantly cast. You should check it out.

  5. Troy O'Donohoe says:

    i dont think i told you (consider this a compliment) Lori and I were thinking about what movie we should go see or what to rent…and we just couldnt think of any movie we wanted to see…So I say…”let us calleth Jason Bybee (the white one of course…the one NOT in any movies at all…and especially not the one from the paper shop) and consider some options he may bestow onto us.”I think I called and you didn’t answer…thats ok..i think we played a board game…Merry Christmas old friend!

  6. Jenna says:

    Okay Jason, do you remember that day I stayed with you and the family, and we went to the bookstore? You looked at a book called flashBANG. Well, everytime I went to the bookstore I looked at that book, and I asked for it for Christmas, got it, read it, and it quickly moved up to my top five favorite books ever. Right next to Blue Like Jazz. I don’t know if you ever got around to reading it, but I LOVED it. Therefore, I highly recommend it. 🙂

  7. Jason says:

    Haven’t read it yet…but I’m looking forward to it, especially if you liked it that much. Good stuff.

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