Mommy M.I.A. Day 2

We’re barely 26 hours into Operation: Outnumber Daddy. Here’s an update.

– Woke up this morning with a sore throat and stuffy nose. Probably has something to do with the fact that it was 48 degrees outside and we have no heat or air here at the house.

– Got Joshua out of his bed to find out he has a runny nose. Already been through 4 Kleenex with him.

– Let Abby Kate pick out a shirt to wear. She picked out a long sleeve shirt, wore it for an hour, then pitched a violent fit when she wanted to take it off. Let her pick another shirt out. At this rate, we’ll burn through her entire closet by dinner time.

– After getting the kids ready, I hopped in the shower. As I’m showering, Abby Kate proceeded to turn on the water in the bathtub and go through all of Mommy’s makeup paraphernalia while Joshua banged his basketball up against the shower door until I was done.

– The air conditioning dude came out to look at our unit. I come back inside after talking with him to find one of those tags that says “Under penalty of law, this Tag is not to be removed except by the consumer” lying on the kitchen floor. I have no idea where this came from.

– As I’m searching for any now-tagless items in our house, Joshua comes running up to me with a mouthful of batteries. He’s decided to dissect the VCR remote and devour it’s innards. Yes, I’m a proud father.

– Abby Kate continues to torture her brother by ripping the ball cap from his head and running away. She enjoys this way too much.

– As I type, the children are pulling Baby Tad from both ends. It’s like he’s being drawn and quartered. I’d use my “cut the toy in half” joke if they understood it.

We’re now going to take a walk. Desperately need to get out of the house. Sunny deserves a raise.

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13 Responses to Mommy M.I.A. Day 2

  1. Jamey says:

    I haven’t laughed out loud while reading a blog in a while. The mystery tag is my favorite…Batteries runs a close second. Avery heard me laughing and started laughing too. I tried to explain to her that her buddies were torturing their daddy. She proceeded to babble something that I’m sure AK and Joshua would understand and laugh about.

  2. -Lane says:

    Dude, can we help you out? Sounds like a Raymond episode over there.

  3. Kenny Simpson says:

    Keep it coming. This is better than TV!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I know I don’t have a blog like all these other people who post, but I still enjoy reading other people’s from time to time. This cracks me up! I can picture it all happening as I’m reading it. You’re going to be so excited when Sunny walks through that door. I laugh thinking about Ben with Noah, Abbie, and Bailey in a year or two staying by himself. Halarious! I would say call if you need us, but I’m not sure we could be that much help right now. 🙂 Hang in there! Anna Morrow

  5. Jason says:

    Anna,Thanks for letting me know you read my page! Tell Ben I already feel his pain. Sunny should be home in approximately 54 hours. Pray for me.

  6. Jason says:

    What I don’t get is that touching your tongue to batteries is supposed to give you this weird sensation, right? Kinda like a little jolt or something? Does that mean my son has no taste buds now?Lane, I would say this is like a Raymond episode, only without Marie. If Raymond were home alone, he’d just call his Mom from across the street. No such luck for me.

  7. Scott Freeman says:

    One word: Benadryl

  8. Jason says:

    At lunch I remembered I was supposed to be giving the kids Tylenol every 6 hours. They’re cutting their molars, thus very fussy. I’m a doofus.

  9. -Lane says:

    nothing like jagged sharp pieces of bone ripping through your gums to make you fussy.

  10. mike the eyeguy says:

    Sounds pretty par for the course (sucker).But if J&AK (as in 47) start waterboarding Baby Tad (or you), I’d start to worry.

  11. Jason says:

    Mike,If that happens, we will have to worry. At least the Tylenol seems to have helped.

  12. Tracy says:

    I’ve got to get busy and plan my own mommy escape. What a precious memory you are creating for them!

  13. Jason says:

    I don’t know how precious tonight’s memories were. The kids kept picking at each other like only siblings can. It’s cool that they have their own built in playmates sometimes, but at other times, one of them just wants to be left alone. Those are the most frustrating times. For the third time, I miss Sunny.

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