MLB Playoff Predictions 2006

I’ve given it plenty of thought and here are my predictions for the major league baseball playoffs that begin today. Later in the week, look for posts about global faith, the Buffalo Bills and my idea of heaven. Enjoy!

Now, on to my playoff predictions, beginning with the American League:

The first series pits the Oakland Athletics against the Minnesota Twins. I love both of these organizations. Ever since I read Moneyball a few years ago, I’ve been a big fan of Billy Beane and the A’s. After an early falter, the Twins have played lights out since June 1, sneaking past Detroit for the division crown on the final day of the season. In a short series, with Johan Santana pitching twice, it’ll be awfully difficult for the A’s to compete. Santana’s dominance, coupled with the strongest bullpen in the AL, should be enough to put Minnesota in the ALCS. Prediction: Twins in four.

The other AL series should be quite a doozy: Jim Leyland’s Tigers vs. Joe Torre’s Yankees. The Tigers blew their division lead late in the season and they’ll regret it sorely. The Yankee lineup is absolutely incredible, especially with Hideki Matsui and Gary Sheffield back in the fold. The Tiger rotation, the foundation of their quick start, looks tired and beaten down. In the critical bullpen matchup, the Yanks can trot out Kyle Farnsworth and Mariano Rivera to shut things down. I can’t see the Yankees losing this one. Yanks in five.

It really doesn’t matter who comes out of the NL. These teams are just playing for the right to be swept by the AL. But here goes anyway.

In the opening NL series, my beloved St. Louis Cardinals face off against the San Diego Padres. The Cards are hurting badly, as their late season swoon attests. Jake Peavy, San Diego’s ace, will start Game 1 and the Cards didn’t have a chance to see him last week in their series with the Pads. But the Cardinals will trot out their own ace, Chris Carpenter, who has been a bit more consistent than Peavy this season. That said, this one could go either way. I’m probably playing with my heart here, but who cares. Cards in five.

The Mets / Dodgers series promises to be great. These are pretty evenly matched clubs. The loss of Pedro Martinez will definitely hurt the Mets’ chances, but their lineup of Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado and David Wright is the NL’s best. If the Dodgers pitchers (Maddux, Penny, Lowe) can neutralize the top of the Met order, the Dodgers could have a chance. But in the end, I see the Mets winning in a tight one. Mets in five.

If I play out my predictions, that gives me a Yankees / Twins ALCS and a Cards / Mets NLCS. The easy one to choose is the NLCS. As much as I hate to admit it, the Mets are the superior club and will likely represent the National League in the Series. I’ll say Mets in five. In the AL, it’s a tough call. The Yankee bats are always dangerous. If the Twins can sweep the A’s, then they can possibly throw Johan Santana in Games 1, 4 & 7. But even then, they’ll have to win a game started by Brad Radke or Carlos Silva. The key for the Yankees is Randy Johnson’s back. I was originally thinking I’d pick the Twins, but the more I think about it, I think the Bombers will get it done. Beyond Santana, the Twins are a mediocre club. Yankees in six.

Another Subway Series. I’m not sure the Met rotation sans Pedro can stand up to the fearsome Yankee lineup. I see this one ending with Mariano Rivera striking out Carlos Delgado for the Series win. Yanks in six.

All you baseball afficianadoes out there, feel free to chime in with your own opinions.

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5 Responses to MLB Playoff Predictions 2006

  1. Kenny Simpson says:

    Mets over Twins in series in 7.

  2. jon says:

    Tigers over Cards in 6

  3. -Lane says:

    I don’t think the Mets will make it for two reasons: Pedro is a huge psychological factor, and I don’t like them. I don’t want another Subway Series. No one watches them. I’m a huge Yankees fan, and I don’t want to watch that.I say it will be the Dodgers and the Yanks. The Yanks will win easily.Although, it is interesting that the Yanks and Mets have identical records…

  4. T.H. says:

    Red Sox in…oh, wait. We didn’t even make it this year! Red Sox in 2007!

  5. Jason says:

    If Pedro hadn’t blown out his arm, I might feel better about the Mets’ chances. But really, any team from the NL is weak compared to the AL teams. The Dodgers have decent pitching to make a run. But it won’t matter. The AL will win easily.

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