The Prayers of Two Year Olds

(Note: these pictures are kind of dated, but I thought they were appropriate.)

Abby Kate's prayer

Here’s Abby Kate’s bedtime prayer from last night. I might get some of the things out of order, but here’s the general gist (translation in parentheses):

Thank you, God, for Mommy and Daddy and Bubba and baby brother. Help baby be safe and healthy and strong. Help Mommy be strong. And thank you for Nana and Pawpaw and Wodger (Roger) and Buzz and Tara and Wichard (Richard) and Eefan (Ethan) and Micah and Hope and my bed and my dress. It’s so pretty. And for Gina (Regina) and Bizabef (Elizabeth) and Corey and Tia (Alisha) and Will and Gon (Jon) and Stay-see and Lawson and baby Jordan and Minnie Mouse and my house and Sawa (Sarah) and Wodney (Rodney) and PJs and food and blanket and Piglet and my baby (her toy doll) and….Jesus! Amen. 

And here’s Joshua’s prayer:

Thank you, Jesus. Amen. 

Women: 25,000 words a day. Men: 10,000 words a day. Even at age 2.

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3 Responses to The Prayers of Two Year Olds

  1. Sunny says:

    Prayer time is my favorite time of the day. They are so sweet and precious. We are SO blessed!

  2. Jason says:

    Bedtime is awesome!

  3. Jamey says:

    that’s just too ironic!

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