So It Begins

The last of the LOST mobisodes was released this week. Looks like they saved the best for last. This one is entitled “So It Begins” and you can watch it by clicking here.

Can somebody tell me what this means? Is that Smokey? Or is Christian is alive? Anybody?

Man, I love this show.

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2 Responses to So It Begins

  1. Dylan says:

    It has to be the monster, right? Cause the producers said once someone is dead, then they’re dead. Unless the person that Jack saw in the morgue was Christian Shepherd’s evil twin. That was a cool mobisode though. I also really like the one where Jin freaks out.I can’t wait till tomorrow!

  2. T.H. says:

    I am so excited (stoked) about tomorrow night…I can’t wait!This may or may not be a spoiler…so for those of you like me who aren’t always interested in something that might spoil the show this is your chance to turn away…Still here…okay then…It could have been my eager imagination, but in the Season 4 trailer it looked like Christian was sitting in “Jacob’s” rocking chair.Did anyone else see that?

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