American Idol: Top 10

No time for a full-fledged AI post this week. Worst performances of the night for me were Chekezie and Ramiele. Michael Johns finally chose the right song. And David Cook is a rock star. I’d download his album in a heartbeat.

I think Ramiele goes home. She seriously screamed the last half of whatever song that was.

Your thoughts?

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3 Responses to American Idol: Top 10

  1. johndobbs says:

    Carly was bad… that song was too much for her.I think Jason’s weakness is showing.David A…what’s up with that song…I was disappointed.It was a fairly good show tonight, but not a showstopper. Michael Johns and Peter Cook are the exceptions.

  2. -Lane says:

    David Cook, hands down, the best. No doubt. If you argue with that, you’re insane.Jason, Ramielle, and Chekezie in the bottom three. Ramielle goes home.Surprise performance: Michael Johns. I’ve liked him, but he hadn’t blown me away yet…until tonight.I thought Carly did well, but I think she peaked too early.David A showed vulnerability tonight.

  3. TARA says:

    Jason Cook has become my fav. Chakezie and Ramielle were weak. I hope Ramielle goes home, I don’t know how she managed the top 10. Michael Johns was impressive too.

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