All That I Need

As I continue to reflect on the sufficiency of God’s love, it really calls into question how much I really need the other things I think I need. I mean, am I in relationship with God because of the “stuff” He can provide? Or am I in this relationship simply because of love? Shouldn’t it be the latter? If Christ’s love truly compels me, do I have any right to expect anything more from Him? Do I have the right to be upset if He doesn’t, say, answer my prayer the way I want Him to? When you get down to it, Ephesians 1:3 really kind of wrecks some things I had in my head. And in a good way.

I’ve been sort of thinking about the lyrics to the old devotional song “My Only Hope Is You”. Taht last line – All that I need is you / Jesus, all that I need is you – man, that’s some tough stuff. How do you get to that point? Where He’s all you need?

By thinking otherwise, am I any better than the Judaizers of Galatians, who preached a gospel of Jesus + Moses?

Lord, help me arrive at that place where I can say, from the deep places of my heart, “All that I need is you.”

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