Mommy M.I.A. Redux, Day 1

9:19pm – One day down; three to go.

Today went pretty well. Thankfully, I don’t have any stories to rival my experiences from two years ago. Well, at least not yet.

I decided to take the day off. I didn’t want to ask somebody to baby-sit all day and I never use all my vacation time anyway, so I had a couple of fun things planned for today. The plan, however, did not involved waking up at 6:00am with Jackson. The plan also did not involve waking up with sneezing / sore throat. It’s like my body knows what lies ahead and it’s decided on it’s own preemptive strike. Sunny hasn’t even left yet and I’m getting sick; what a wuss! (This happened last time, too.)

We dropped Mommy off with the girls at 9:15 and made a beeline to our local library to pick up a few books and videos. After that it was back to the house for Jackson’s nap. The older kids played quietly, ate their lunch and went down for their naps on time. When everybody was awake, we all went outside and spent some time playing in the drive-way. Abby Kate and Jackson played in their “cars” while Joshua hit baseballs off the tee. My proudest moment came when Joshua was finished — Jackson walked up, put Joshua’s ball on the tee, picked up the bat and swung from the heels. He corkscrewed himself into the ground, of course, but not before making solid contact. Who knows? Maybe we’ll have another little ball player on our hands here. (And don’t think I didn’t notice that he swung from the left side of the plate like his brother. ‘Atta boy.)

The afternoon playtime, however, pretty much eliminated any afternoon naps. Which probably wasn’t a good idea since I was supposed to be the devotional speaker for the Madison Academy football team at 5pm. I decided to take all 3 kids with me; I figured they’d enjoy seeing all the players on the field (which they did). When practice was over, I took all the kids with me into the locker room for the devo. I’d already asked Abby Kate to take care of Jackson, who was a little squirmy in his stroller. During my talk, at one of my more impassioned and animated moments where I’m really trying to drive my point home, Abby Kate gets up and walks right out in the middle of the floor, tugs on my shorts and says, in a full voice, “Dad! Jackson doesn’t want his Cheerios anymore! So I put them in the diaper bag!” Thank you, my earnest little child.

After pizza with our friends, we came back home, got our baths, picked up our toys, and went to bed. This is where the lack of nap caught up with us. Everyone got a little cranky, especially Jackson. But everyone was tucked in by approximately 8:30, which is close to on time. Then Daddy finished picking up the toys, fixed lunches for tomorrow, RSVP-ed to a kids birthday party invite, and finished folding the laundry that I began this morning. It’s 9:15 and I’m officially exhausted.

Now I think I remember why I never take all my days off!

Only 68 more hours until Sunny returns…

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2 Responses to Mommy M.I.A. Redux, Day 1

  1. Sunny says:

    It sounds like you guys had a great day! I do wish that I had been there to see Jack’s first hit! I am having a great time here at the beach! Thank you for all that you do!

  2. Jason says:

    We’re doing OK. Glad you’re enjoying yourself at the beach. Just relax as much as you can…I know your trip will be over much too quickly!

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