Mommy M.I.A. Redux, Days 3 & 4

This post is just for closure’s sake. Nothing exciting happened the last two days of the weekend. I had a runny nose / sore throat all weekend, pretty much right until Sunny got home. I know…I’m a wuss. Now that she’s home, it’s pretty much cleared up, but Sunny’s still making chicken noodle soup for me, so I’m going to milk it for all it’s worth. Kids were fine; no more run-ins with the ghost. Nothing to report. Which is just fine with me. I guess nothing can compare to last time.

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1 Response to Mommy M.I.A. Redux, Days 3 & 4

  1. Amy says:

    Glad things went well this time while she was away. Thanks for keeping my 3 boys company some, I know they enjoyed their time with you all. Hope you continue to get to feel better. Enjoy your soup!!

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