Little Encouragements

I’ve posted a lot this year about my disappointments. It’s one of the highest ranking tab labels in the column to the right. But I’ve done a poor job of posting those words that have been a source of encouragement to me this year. I don’t know why. I’d probably remember the discouragements even without making posts about them. But the encouragements are the things I probably need to recall the most, especially on those days when I’m feeling discouraged. Here are two emails I received over the last two days from some friends. These messages came completely out of the blue and I cherish them. I wanted to post them here so I could remember them later.


i just wanted to send you a quick email and tell you that i really appreciate you and sunny for coming to our group. you guys are aweome to be the “test subjects” as we figure out how to adapt to having little ones in our group- which, as you can see, has opened the door for outher couples with children to learn with us as well! we really love having the kids- i know you guys probably feel wierd sometimes because the kids do “kid things”- but we love it!

i also appreiciate the articulate manner in which you interject thoughts into the discussion. you not only bring solid, well constructed comments (somethng i stink at!), but you do a great job of “reading” the group and pulluing together thoughts to help everyone understand and feel comfortable (something i also stink at!). this has especailly meant a lot to me the last couple of weeks as i have tried to be a bit more “challenging” in my thoughts and comments (not sure how its going- i usually leave worried i didn’t come across bad and didn’t offend everyone!). i feel like our group is to the point where we can consider some “non-tradiational” thoughts- however, i am afraid i am not the person that should be throwing them out there!

anyway….i ramble on- even in email!

thanks for being a part of our group!


And this one is from someone else. A little shorter, but still heartfelt:

We talked about Hebrews 12 last night at huddles….and in light of your post I wanted to let you know I consider you to be part of my ‘cloud of witnesses’.

These messages have really buoyed me over the last two days. I’m reminded that grace is often found in unexpected places and for that, I’m thankful.

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