My Roof, My Rules

Back in the summer, I shared with you all the mischievous antics of the little ghost that lives in our house. “Casper”, as he’s come to be known here, has made his presence known through a variety of light-hearted little capers: we’ve had baby monitor issues; we’ve played games with the lid on the washing machine; there was the night of the beatboxing hyena; and the post that started it all, the shampoo bottle incident.

But tonight may take the cake.

Tonight I’m taking all of the Christmas stuff up to the attic. I get a couple of boxes up there, I’m stacking them up where they belong, when I notice the light glinting off this shiny object about five feet away. I creep my way over, bend down and here’s what I found in our attic, lying on top of some insulation:

That’s right. A crumpled up beer can.

Looks like our Casper decided to have himself a holly jolly Christmas.

Now, I’ve been up in our attic a couple dozen times since we moved into this house last year. In fact, I was just up there a little over a month ago when I got down all the Christmas paraphernalia. This insulation is right there by the attic steps. There’s no way this can was there a month ago. No way.

Sure, the “logical” explanation is that the previous owners of this house accidentally left behind this little “gift” before moving off. Chances are it was swept into the insulation and over the past 18 months, it’s been slowly rising its way back to the top until I just happened to see it tonight.

But I’m inclined to think otherwise. Turns out Casper is even more mischievous than I realized.

Here’s my question: why light beer?

I guess even the netherworld is counting calories these days.

Casper, I only have one thing to say: My roof, my rules.

You’ve been sufficiently warned.

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6 Responses to My Roof, My Rules

  1. Tracy says:

    or is Sunny a closet/attic drinker? I kid. I kid.

  2. jenna says:

    BAHAHAHA! This Casper character is crazy and quite the creeper.(I think I just enjoyed that alliteration a little too much…)

  3. Mike the Eyeguy says:

    I much prefer the illogical explanation.Casper is clearly no connoisseur of choice hops.

  4. Jason says:

    Tracy, I wondered how long it would be before somebody made that comment! I’ll let Sunny field that one!Jenna, your apropos application of alliteration was appreciated. Or something like that. I’m with you, Mike. I want to believe.

  5. Kam Walker says:

    Looks like your house-guest grabbed himself a “cup of cheer”. I guess if you’re a ghost, you want something that’s less filling, but still has great taste.

  6. Sunny says:

    Tracy that is hilarious! Just don’t tell Oprah! 🙂

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