Football Friday: Round Two

Well, if last week proved anything, it’s that football prognosticating is an inexact science. It also proved that my son might be an NFL Pick ‘Em prodigy. After the first weekend’s batch of games, Joshua sits atop the leaderboard with a 3-1 mark. Mom fared somewhat better with a 2-2 mark. As for yours truly, I’m firmly entrenched in the basement with a 1-3 record.

It looks like this week’s picks won’t allow for much movement in the standings as the entire Bybee household pretty much made identical picks. Abby Kate decided to chime in with her picks, too. Here they are:

Baltimore Ravens vs. Tennessee Titans
The game I clearly care the most about this weekend. My Titans had a storybook regular season, riding a stingy defense and a ball control offense to the best record in the league. But it all goes for naught if they don’t follow through in the playoffs. The Ravens are a nice story: rookie head coach, rookie quarterback, that same tough defense. But we all expect the home team to hold serve in this tight matchup. I say Titans win by 3.
Sunny’s pick: Titans
Joshua’s pick: Titans
Jason’s pick: Titans
Abby Kate’s pick: Titans

Arizona Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers
I expected Joshua to continue with the Cardinals here, but he consistently says the Panthers will win here. And it’s hard to argue with him. Carolina very easily could’ve been the #1 seed in the NFC. They’re unbeaten at home and I don’t see that changing. You have to be able to run the ball in the playoffs; the Cardinals can’t do that.
Sunny’s pick: Panthers
Joshua’s pick: Panthers
Jason’s pick: Panthers
Abby Kate’s pick: Panthers

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants
Let me just say that a few weeks ago, the Giants were my NFC Super Bowl pick. But the loss of Plaxico Burress makes them so much less explosive offensively. I do like their stable of running backs and I’m probably crazy to pick against them at home, but I have a feeling about this one. Donovan McNabb has been a man on a mission since his mid-season benching. I’m going against the grain here. Gotta do something to try and make up some ground.
Sunny’s pick: Giants
Joshua’s pick: Giants
Jason’s pick: Eagles
Abby Kate’s pick: Eagles

San Diego Chargers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
I’m sure the suits at CBS hated to see the Chargers give Mr. Marketable Peyton Manning the ol’ heave-ho last Saturday night. I know I sure did. What I don’t get is why the Steelers, the #2 seed in the AFC, get to face off against the 8-8 Chargers while my Titans have to face the far more formidable Ravens. Once again, you BCS haters should realize that even playoff systems can be flawed. Anyway, the Steelers should roll in this one. Yawn.
Sunny’s pick: Steelers
Joshua’s pick: Steelers
Jason’s pick: Steelers
Abby Kate’s pick: Steelers

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