LOST Season Five: The Little Prince

I know a lot of viewers are probably growing weary of all the time traveling going on this season. (Sunny’s comment during last night’s episode: “This is just weird.” This is true.) And there’s a part of me that’s less than enthused with how confusing things get when a show entertains time-travel possibilities. (See Heroes, Volumes 2 and 3.) But what I enjoy about this season thus far is that we finally seem to be at the point in the series where we’re getting more answers than questions. I think when it’s all said and done, we’ll realize what drew us to this show was the quest for these answers rather than the answers themselves. But enough waxing poetic…let’s get down to dissecting this week’s episode, entitled, “The Little Prince”.

Apparently the episode’s title is a reference to a book of the same name about an alien boy who crashes in the Sahara and meets a French pilot who becomes responsible for his welfare. Of course, LOST-philes are well aware of the producers’ infatuation with literary references, so this should come as no surprise. The episode centers around our little Island-born Aaron and someone’s quest to uncover the truth about his parentage. We’re led to believe Ben is the one behind this; perhaps this is what he meant when he told Jack he had some ideas on how to get Kate on board with going back to the Island. Meanwhile, Sayid continues to double as a human dartboard for the Tranquilizer Brigade while Sun gets her evil groove on. I worried that she might be up to no good by offering to “babysit” Aaron; now it seems she just wants vengeance for Jin’s death and she lays the blame squarely on Ben. Next week’s showdown between those two looks to be a good one!

As for the action on the Island, our castaways were transported back in time to Season 1 when Boone died, Aaron was born, and Locke’s hatch-banging led Desmond to light up the night sky. Probably the most significant moment here was Sawyer seeing Kate as she helped deliver Aaron. What happens if our Losties bump into themselves or one of their fellow castaways here? I have to be honest; this could be shark-jumping territory for me if we get to that point. I’m just saying.

But there were plenty of other significant pieces to last night’s Island action. It seems that the nosebleeds are directly related to the amount of time someone has spent on the Island. Hmm. And we’re also given further evidence to confirm what I believe to be true: that Miles is the son of the enigmatic Marvin Candle / Edgar Haliwax / Pierre Chang.

There were several times jumps in “The Little Prince”. The crew jumped from 1954 to 2004 at the end of “Jughead”; we know it’s 2004 because that’s when Claire gave birth to Aaron. The next jump is sometime after the departure of the Oceanic Six; that’s the only explanation for the deserted camp, the missing Zodiac, and the outrigger with the “Ajira Airlines” water bottle. (My favorite Sawyer line of the night, regarding the outriggers: “Who do these belong to? Other Others?” Classic.) If this flash in time is actually a flash-forward to some future time, this makes the identity of the crew who fired on Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Farraday, and Charlotte very intriguing.

Our final jump revealed my favorite moment of the night: Jin! Yes! (Young Rousseau! A more mildly exuberant yes!) It seems that Jin has been floating around in the water, hopping through time with the rest of our castaways. Now that he’s been discovered by Rosseau and her crew, we know the timeline is 1988, at least until the next flash.

By the way, where are Rose and Bernard? And why hasn’t anyone seemed to miss them?

And I loved the Hurley jumpsuit scene. He looked a little Kramden-esque, which made me smile.

This isn’t original, but the TV Guide guy noted that the words on the side of Ben’s van, “Rainier-Canton” form an anagram for “reincarnation”. Hmmmm….this should be interesting.

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6 Responses to LOST Season Five: The Little Prince

  1. jenna says:

    Here are a few quick thoughts of mine:Why has Sun gotta be so sketchy now? I hope I don't end up disliking one of my favorite characters…Watching Sawyer tear up as he watched Kate deliver Claire's baby was precious…. sigh… SO excited to see Jin back!!! I just knew he wasn't dead!! I agree: best moment of the night.And yes, what in the world has happened to Rose & Bernard? I keep waiting for them to show up somewhere. It makes me more and more convinced that they are going to end up being very important characters. Well, that or the arrows got them. (But I doubt that)

  2. Jason says:

    Jenna,I'm the same way. Sun is a favorite of mine, but she's tres wicked right now. Not sure what to make of that. Thankfully, the fact that Jin is still alive means there's hope for her "redemption", at least in my opinion. Sawyer has emerged as one of my favorite characters over the last two seasons. I always liked his sarcasm, but his more heroic qualities have really emerged. I still say Rose and Bernard will turn out to be Adam & Eve. Either them or Desmond & Penny. Or Jack and Kate. Or Carl & Alex. Or Nikki & Paulo. Just kidding.

  3. Dylan says:

    This was defintitely my favorite episode of the season so far. I thought it was a little more character-centric and I was super pumped to see Jin again (I just want to state for the record that I’ve been saying he’s alive since the season finale last year).My favorite funny moment was when Team Locke was being shot at and the flash came with Sawyer yelling “Thank you Lord!” which then put them in the middle of a huge storm and Saywer yelling “I take it back!”I think these time traveling flashes are going to be the key to discovering a lot of the mysteries of the island (Where did the Others come from? Dharma? 4 toed statue? And apparently Team Rousseau. By the way, 1988 Rousseau is a LOT hotter than 2004 Rousseau. I’m just saying, the Island did not age her well.) So, while the flashes can be a little annoying, I think they ultimately serve a good storytelling purpose.Favorite line of the episode was when Locke explained why he didn’t tell his past self what happened saying, “I needed that pain. It got me where I am today.”I also loved the hatch sighting and Claire’s delivery. I love it when they go back to iconic moments in the show’s history. It was the one thing that redeemed the Nikki and Paulo episode.

  4. Jason says:

    Dylan,You called it on Jin. I’m glad he’s alive, too. Is it me or have there been a lot of references to God, the Lord, etc. this season? You had Chang and Hawking making similar comments (“God help us all.”) in the first two episodes and last night’s “Thank you Lord” by Sawyer. I’m just wondering if all of this God-language is going to lead us somewhere. Just a hunch.The line where John reflected on his pain was very cool. That little conversation seems to have influenced Sawyer’s decision to not approach Kate in the jungle.

  5. -Lane says:

    Sorry I’m just jumping on the conversation.Sawyer yelled out for Rose and Bernard, so he’s obviously concerned about them…or is he?When they showed Jin floating, before they turned him over, I either thought it was going to be someone new, Desmond, or Jin. I thought of you when it was Jin, knowing how much you love his character.Is the gun Sun is using from Widmore?And is it mere coincidence that Claire’s mother was there, or is it a giant scheme by Ben? My question is if Danielle will remember Jin later on? Is there ever an instance where she looked at him strangely in earlier seasons?

  6. Jason says:

    It seems like Danielle looks at everybody strangely. I still can’t believe she was only 16 when she got to the Island. She definitely did not age well on the Island. She’s like the anti-Richard Alpert. As for Sun and Widmore, I’m sure there’s more of that story that will be told very soon.

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