Football Friday Round Two: Divisional Round

Well, in keeping with tradition, my NFL picks were woefully awful last week. And, in keeping with tradition, Sunny — who doesn’t really follow the NFL outside of the Titans and occasionally the Colts — completely mopped the floor with her picks. Here are last week’s results:

Sunny: 3-1

Jason: 1-3

Joshua: 1-3

At least Joshua’s keeping me some company down here in the cellar.

As for this week’s picks, here they are:

NFC Divisional Round: Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints

This one has the potential to repeat last week’s high scoring affair between the Cards and Packers. The Saints tailed off a bit down the stretch, but they were still the class of the NFC all season. It’s hard to count out the Cardinals when Kurt Warner is on; last week he had more touchdown passes than incompletions. But I have to go with N’awlins here. Naturally, Sunny likes the Cardinals, so they’ll probably win.

Jason’s pick: Saints

Sunny’s pick: Cardinals

Joshua’s pick: Saints

NFC Divisional Round: Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings

Is anyone playing better football than Dallas right now? The offense has always been fairly high octane, but the defense is simply carrying this club. I think this will be a great game. Favre and Peterson indoors this time of year will be awfully tough, but you’d have to be crazy to pick against the ‘Boys with the way they’re playing right now.

Jason’s pick: Cowboys

Sunny’s pick: Cowboys

Joshua’s pick: Cowboys

AFC Divisional Round: Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts

Peyton Manning. Enough said. We’re all chalk with this pick. Peyton is really the only thing us Tennessee fans have to be proud about these days. Go Colts.

Jason’s pick: Colts

Sunny’s pick: Colts

Joshua’s pick: Colts

AFC Divisional Round: New York Jets at San Diego Chargers

This is where Sunny has just decided to rub it in. She’s taking the Jets — led by a rookie head coach and a rookie QB — on the road against a team that’s won 11 straight games. At this point, who am I to say she’s wrong? But I gotta go Super Chargers here. Maybe I’ll be able to gain a game on her with this pick. But if she’s right, go ahead and put her name on the trophy.

Jason’s pick: Chargers

Sunny’s pick: Jets

Joshua’s pick: Chargers

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2 Responses to Football Friday Round Two: Divisional Round

  1. Sunny says:

    In my defense, I do follow the NFL. As well as any and all baseball games. I just don’t really care for basketball or hockey or golf… Hopefully I will come ahead with some wins this weekend.

    • Jason says:

      You follow the NFL more than those other sports, I’ll give you that. But I’m just giving you a nice lead before I really turn it on this weekend. You’re going down, sista.

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