CBS Really Does Love Tim Tebow

I always said CBS had some kind of love affair with Tim Tebow.

(Or at the very least, Vern Lundquist seemed to have some sort of man crush on the guy.)

Now — according to this story — it looks like we might have official confirmation.

I’ll make no bones about it; I love this, seeing as how I’m a pro-life advocate. It’ll actually give me something to look forward to besides ridiculous Pepsi ads and (hopefully) another Super Bowl win for my boy Peyton.

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4 Responses to CBS Really Does Love Tim Tebow

  1. Shane Bertou says:

    I sincerely hope that this ad would bring hope and healing to women and not the type of condemnation and ridicule that so many have cynically come to expect. That would be the kind of thing that could truly bring people together instead of politicizing this issue and dividing us further. Anything less would be a disappointment.

  2. Tara says:

    I’m surprised that CBS would air this at all. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they were pressured to pull the ad. But Focus on the Family’s $$ should be as good as Budweiser’s. I’d say CBS has loves the money they’re getting for the segment more than they love Tim. But his story is remarkable.

  3. Tara says:

    BTW I like the new look – it’s much easier on my “aging” eyes. I can read your blog without my readers!

  4. Jason says:

    Yeah, the black background was starting to bother my eyes. This is much cleaner.

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