Baja Relief

Our church has been involved in the work in the Baja peninsula of Mexico for many years. We help oversee the mission efforts of about a dozen churches in Baja and many of our families have developed special relationships with the Latino brothers and sisters in these congregations. In late January, flooding in northern Baja destroyed many homes for these dear families. These flood waters also severely damaged many of the church buildings and washed out many of the crops that were ready to be picked. As a result, many of these families have nothing to eat and nowhere to go for work. The situation is dire to say the least, and sadly, nobody knows much about this because the disaster in Haiti continues to dominate the news coverage. But this is a serious situation as well, and I’d like to ask you to think and pray about how you can help.¬† (For a complete report, click here or visit the Baja Missions link in the sidebar on the left.)

On the heels of a major contribution to the ongoing relief effort in Haiti, the timing for this kind of disaster couldn’t be worse. But it’s in moments like this that the body of Christ springs to action without hesitation. Many of our churches in Baja have become soup kitchens for the poor and displaced in these communities. Our team leaders are already mobilizing a relief effort to help with rebuilding. Plans are already being made for more planting to be done once the flood waters subside. In all things, the Kingdom of God marches on.

I know that most of you who read the things I write do so because we have a church connection, so you’ve probably already contributed to this relief effort. But for those of you who don’t share that church connection with me, I wanted to make you aware of another tremendous area of need. We are partnering with other sponsoring churches here in the States to provide immediate financial aid to this disaster-stricken area. Food, water, clothing, shelter, diapers, socks, hygiene products…these are the things that are needed most in the Baja. If you’re reading this on Facebook and you’d like to help out, send me a message. If you’re reading this through WordPress, leave me a comment or email me at jason at mayfair dot org and I’ll tell you how you can help.

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