Things I Want to Remember, Vol. 5

Last night at dinner, the kids got their Cheez-Its and juice and started playing Lord’s Supper. They got it mostly right, except for when they prayed for the “fruit of the wine”.


I want to remember how Jackson says “Swiss Cake Rolls”. Every morning this week, he’s woken me up by asking for a “Wiz Cake Woe”. Even at 6AM, it cracks me up.


The other night at the dinner table, Joshua got all excited and said, “Hey, guys. Guess what? You know how to say ‘Be quiet’ in Spanish?” We told him we didn’t. He replied, “You just go, ‘shhhh’.” My bilingual son.


I want to remember how much Abby Kate takes after her mother. The other night, without any prompting from me, she got up and helped me unload the dishwasher. Then she got out a rag and wiped off the kitchen table. Then she wiped off the countertops before picking up the crumbs the boys left on the floor from dinner. I finally stopped her when she got down on all fours and started wiping part of the baseboard. She definitely comes by her cleanaholic genes honestly.


The other day, I let Jackson watch a little TV while I got ready. I came back into the den to find that he had turned on the DVD player, switched the input on the TV to display the DVD, put in a Diego video, prompted through the previews and pushed the right button on the remote to prompt the “Play All” icon on the menu screen. Maybe he’s some MacGyver-esque prodigy or something. Crazy.

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  1. Jenna says:

    These are great!

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