Things I Want to Remember, Vol. 6

The other night, on the way to tee ball, we passed this old guy on the interstate. He was balding with hair on the side but no hair on top, glasses, driving his convertible with the top down.

As we passed him, Abby Kate looked out the window and goes, “Awww! Look at that little man! How cute, driving his little car! And look at his little hair blowing in the wind!”



I want to remember the way Jackson says Swiss Cake Rolls. He calls them “Wiz Cake Wowls”.


On the way home from church last night, Abby Kate dropped her Bible class craft in the van. It was dark and she couldn’t see where it went and so she started doing that fake cry / hyperventilate thing that all kids do (which really annoys me, by the way). I was about to tell her to stop when Joshua spoke up: “Don’t worry Abby Kate. Be strong and courageous and never afraid because God is always with you.”

Funny thing is, it worked. She stopped crying and calmed down. Funny how God’s Word does that, you know?

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