1,000 Posts

I began blogging in January 2005. My friend and partner in ministry, Corey, encouraged me to start a blog as a way of connecting with the teens in our youth group. He thought it would be a good outlet for me to share some devotional writings with our teens. But after several months, my writing began to take on a more personal tone. The “devo” thoughts were still there, but I also began to write about my family, my own faith, and my life. In late 2005 / early 2006, blogging became a way for me to connect with a much broader group of believers throughout the world. The whole process was life-giving for me.

Over time, most of my blogging buddies migrated over to Facebook and Twitter. And those sites have fostered an even greater sense of community for many. But I still can’t seem to get away from blogging. Even in times when I thought I was done for good, I always seem to miss this outlet for writing and thinking and conversing.

This is my 1,000th post since I began blogging five years ago. This blog has evolved into a repository for my thoughts on the things that make up the fabric of my life, both monumental and trivial. There are several posts that I’ve been proud of over the years; I am especially thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to honor my parents, my grandparents, and my wife here. In honor of my 1,000th post, here are my Top Ten favorite blog writings with links to the original posts. Thanks for indulging me these memories. Here’s to 1,000 more!

My Girls: Sunny Anne. What I was feeling about Sunny on our 8th anniversary in 2007.

A Perfect Plan. I originally wrote this as a bulletin article in Kingsport, TN my first year of ministry. It stands as my favorite piece of devotional writing.

Another Man: My Dad. I re-posted this last Father’s Day in honor of Dad. I think this is as transparent as I can be when it comes to how I feel about him.

The Call of the Cross. I wrote this as an outworking of my deepening appreciation for the centrality of the cross and the challenging call to discipleship.

Librarians Hate Me. You’d think a book lover like me would be a librarian’s dream patron. You would be wrong. A humorous look at my run-ins with various book-keeping Nazis over the course of my life.

She Said Yes. My version of our engagement story. I still can’t believe Sunny said yes.

Be Smart: A Eulogy. One of the supreme honors of my life was preaching my Grandfather Bybee’s funeral in 2007. This is the manuscript of the eulogy I delivered in his honor.

Mommy M.I.A. In September 2006, Sunny went on a beach trip / retreat with the girls from church, leaving Daddy at home to fend for himself with our wily, energetic two-year-old twins. Hilarity ensued. I promise you I didn’t make up a single word of this; it all really happened. Start here with Part 1; then read Day Two, Day Three, Day Three’s Update (!), and the rapturous conclusion on Day Four.

Until Dreams Come True. Another reflection on Dad.

My Girls: For Mom. Those of you who know me know that I continually grieve the loss of my parents. This is my meditation on the compassion of my sweet mother, Myrna Bybee, whose loving touch I still miss so very much.

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3 Responses to 1,000 Posts

  1. Angie Hyche says:

    Wow! I sat down for a five minute check of my email, and now, an hour later, with dried tears on my cheeks, I am wording this comment. I have only recently begun to personally subscribe to your blog, Jason (not sure why, honestly; maybe the non-techie in me thought it was too difficult to figure out or something). But Eric has sent me many of them over the years. And now after reading your Top 10 Blogs, I am again amazed at the depth of your insight, the softness of your heart, and your incredible writing ability. I would like to encourage you to pursue having at least some of these published. I would definitely buy a copy!!! I’m proud to call you and Sunny my friends! Angie Hyche

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks, Angie. You and Eric have always been such encouragers to Sunny and me. I’m glad that the blog is something you enjoy. I always appreciate your feedback. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Tara says:

    Don’t ever stop writing! You have a God given talent. 🙂

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