American Idol: Top Five

I’ve been so busy soaking up the final season of LOST that I haven’t really posted anything about American Idol. Like everybody else, I felt that this season was pretty ho-hum at first. Maybe it’s the impending loss of Simon Cowell or the fact that after 10 seasons, the show has just become too predictable. For many, it had to do with the underwhelming cast of performers featured this season. But over the past few weeks, this group has really grown on me. Here’s my quick rundown on each of the remaining contestants:

Crystal Bowersox

Mama Sox has been my pick to win it all along. I would buy her album today. She is far and away the best and most original artist on the show this year. The only question is whether she’ll garner enough votes to be crowned the champ. I can only hope that Sinatra week doesn’t throw her for a loop.

Lee Dwyze

This guy has grown on me in a big way. His tamed his nerves, amped up the personality a bit, and now he stands as the only viable opposition to Crystal, especially now that Shioban is gone. As it is, he has a radio-ready voice and the look to match. Of the remaining artists, his rock / singer-songwriter vibe most closely aligns with my predominant musical tastes.

Casey James

When he took his shirt off for Kara, I thought this guy was a joke. But he has some real musical chops. Dude can play. His voice is just ‘aight, but so far so good. Am I the only one that thinks he sounds like Huey Lewis? Not that that’s a bad thing…I’m just sayin’. I’m predicting he’s the next to go home, which is about right. When that happens, his fifteen minutes will probably be up. He’ll probably go the way of Blake Lewis, never to be heard from again.

Michael Lynch

I think Big Mike made the right move by listening to whoever told him to lose the Jason Mraz vibe; instead, he’s been channeling Lionel Richie for the past couple of weeks and the change really suits him. Definitely not my kind of music, but he sings it well. He’s my dark horse candidate to win it all. The producers love playing up his story (Have you heard? Big Mike’s got a kid!) and America seems to love it — the judges’ save notwithstanding.

Aaron Kelly

A good showing for a 17-year-old. But his performances have lacked the consistency of Crystal or even Lee and that’s going to hurt him in the end game. Still, he seems to blow out a power note or two each week that serves to remind us how he made it this far. Once his “Idol journey montage” rolls, Music Row producers will be all over this kid. But I don’t think he has a shot at winning.

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2 Responses to American Idol: Top Five

  1. Lane Widick says:

    Honestly, we’ve only watched bits and pieces of it, since Kristen wants to watch the Biggest Loser, and its 2 hours, and then Lost comes on at 8. So, now that they’re in the top few, we’ve been able to consistently watch it.

    My opinion, since David Cook won, no one’s been good. I went back and watched the season he won, and it wasn’t just him, but the whole group seemed SO much more talented than any of the past two years worth of contestants.

    Big Mike is the candidate, but so was Siobhan last week. Tim Urban was the pick from the beginning, and he actually had a decent performance or two. I’m like you, Michael’s style just isn’t for me, and I don’t know if its the style of the demographic that is still watching idol.

    I thought this week’s performance by Lee was his best so far. He has probably come the farthest in this year’s line up.

    Casey, well, he reminds me of Jason Castro…everyone loves him, but no one’s really sure why.

    And, isn’t there always an Aaron Kelly in the bunch? Young kid, goes far, possibly makes it into the top three or two, spoiler/cinderella type? I also agree with your assessment of what will happen to him, but I think he’ll be in the top three for sure.

    Crystal is just leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of them, and she has been, all season long. I just find it humorous that at the beginning of the season, they were pretty sure a girl was going to win it, but there’s only one left! I hope she continues on her path, because I do like her. I think the remaining order will be:

    5. Michael Lynche
    4. Casey James
    3. Lee DeWyze
    2. Aaron Kelly
    1. Crystal Bowersox

  2. Jason says:

    I’m surprised Siobhan was the “vote for the worst” candidate. I thought she had a good voice (for the most part); I have to admit, I was getting pretty tired of hearing her scream, though.

    Lee is really solid. I wasn’t a big fan at first, but I really like him now. Like I said, Crystal is the best by a mile, but Lee is only other one that I think deserves to be in the conversation.

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