LOST Season Six: More Thoughts on The Candidate

A few more thoughts from this week’s stellar episode of LOST:

Locke has some sort of Island awareness or ability to know what’s going on. When Jack wakes up on the beach, Locke is already aware of the fact that Widmore has put the rest of the castaways in the polar bear cages. How does he know this? I suppose he could’ve been hiding out in the jungle and seen this taking place. But if that’s the case, then why go back to the beach and get Jack? I know he says he needs Jack to convince the castaways to trust him…and I know that to be true…but I’m just wondering how Locke had seemingly instantaneous knowledge of Widmore’s activity. Could Locke have a spy in Widmore’s camp? His own version of “Ilana”, summoned from some off-Island locale to help liberate him? Just food for thought.

Locke tells Jack he can kill him and all of his friends. I think this is a bluff; we’ve been told that the “rules” stipulate that candidates can’t be killed, at least not by Smokey. Sounds kinda like God and Satan ironing out the terms of Job’s trial. But someone else posited that maybe Smokey CAN kill the candidates; maybe if he kills them, then he won’t be able to leave the Island, which seems to be the one thing MIB really wants anyway. So by telling us he “can’t” kill the candidates, maybe what that means is that in order to accomplish what he wants, he can’t kill them. Maybe it’s not so much a matter of Smokey’s inability to kill, but it has to do with MIB’s desired outcome. Again, just food for thought.

Speaking of killing and whatnot, why didn’t Smokey just go and kill Widmore while he was getting all his henchmen? (Am I the only one whose glad that the plaid-shirt-wearin’ “dough boy” finally met his maker?) I guess he needed the gambit of “Widmore’s trying to blow up the plane” to steer the castaways to the sub. But where was ol’ Chuck anyway? Other than that brief cameo, we haven’t seen much of Charles since he arrived on the Island. Do we believe him when he says he’s acting in the best interests of our castaways?

I worry about the fact that Kate’s lack of candidacy was pointed out several times in this episode. I fear that the endgame will come down to Smokey and our remaining castaways — Sawyer, Jack, Kate, and Hurley (the same four that were brought to the pier by the Others at the end of Season 2) — and Smokey threatening to kill Kate if Jack doesn’t comply with his wishes. And Jack’s determination won’t allow him to back away at this point….and that makes me worry for Senora Austin.

In the recent issue of EW (which was almost completely devoted to the ending of LOST), Damon Lindelof was asked to comment about the much-maligned Sideways world that’s been a part of this season’s story. I thought what he had to say was really interesting:

We resign ourselves to the fact that perhaps even after LOST is over, there will still be people who wish we hadn’t done the Sideways. But personally speaking, they’re on of my favorite things we’ve ever done.

Part of me wants to say, “Well, yeah. You know the significance of the Sideways world while the rest of us are still trying to figure it out.” But that comment gives me incredible hope that all of this is going to come together in a satisfying way. We’ll see.

Another comment that was interesting: Matthew Fox on how it all ends. Nothing spoilerish here, just interesting. Here’s Fox on the finale:

I think it’s beautiful. If we all did our jobs right, I really feel it’s going to be terribly sad, but at the same time be really cathartic and full of hope. It has the potential to be really profound. I will say this: It’s not going to be what anybody thinks it is. I know a lot of people have written a lot of theories about how this will all end — and I’m pretty sure nobody guessed it.

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