Things I Want to Remember: Vol. 8

I always want to remember the way Abby Kate says “chicken parmesan “. We’ll go to Olive Garden and she’ll ask, “Daddy, are you going to order chicken Farmer John?” It cracks me up.


I also love how Jackson says certain things. He likes to “swush” the toilet; he loves the color “yeyo”; he knows Daddy likes to drink his “foffee”. And I want to soak it all up so I can remember it when he’s older.


I love hearing my kids pray. The other day, we passed by a firetruck with its siren on. Joshua started asking me about it, if I thought somebody’s house was on fire, stuff like that. Later that night, as we were saying our prayers before bed, Joshua prayed, “God, please take care of the people whose house was on fire. Please help them not be hurt and please help us take care of them.” I’d already forgotten about the fire truck a long time ago, but I love that Joshua had the conviction to 1) remember it, and 2) take it to God. That’s one of those moments I want to remember for a long time.

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1 Response to Things I Want to Remember: Vol. 8

  1. Karen Stephens says:

    What precious, precious moments you have with the kids. Cherish them all because they will be grown before you know it – in the blink of an eye.

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