World Series Prediction

Well, I didn’t see this coming: a Rangers / Giants World Series. While I doubt this will be the ratings bonanza FOX was hoping for, I think this will be a really good Series. These two teams are very evenly matched and I think this one could go six or seven games. Here’s my breakdown of the 2010 World Series:

Games 1&2 @ San Francisco

Everyone who is picking the Rangers is doing so primarily on the strength of Cliff Lee’s left wing. And who can blame them? The guy’s been absolute money in the postseason so far. But you can’t forget that the Giants trot out the 2008 & ’09 NL Cy Young Award winner in Tim Lincecum to oppose Lee in Game 1. So really, the first game could go to either team. But you have to give the Rangers the advantage with Lee on the hill. I think the Rangers win Game 1 but I expect the Giants to win Game 2 quite handily behind Matty Cain. The Rangers have the more potent lineup, but I’ve been saying it all postseason long: the Giants have a veteran lineup and they just refuse to give away at-bats. The Giants will head to Arlington after splitting at home.

Games 3-5 @ Arlington

This is where it gets dicey. Game 3 looks like it’ll be Jonathan Sanchez vs. Colby Lewis. If good Sanchez shows up, SF wins this one easily. But lately, good Sanchez has been nowhere to be found. But I still look back to the last month of the regular season when he was lights out. I’m banking on a return to form and a Giant win in Game 3, especially in light of how hot the Giants have been on the road this postseason. Game 4 will probably come down to the bullpens, which I think favors the Giants. I’ll give this one to the Giants, too. That means the Rangers will have Cliff Lee on the mound down 3-1. I suspect we’ll see another vintage Lee performance to pull the Rangers to 3-2 heading back to California.

Game 6 @ San Francisco

As you can see, I’m not expecting this series to go seven. Big Matt Cain on the mound at home with a chance to seal the deal sounds like a winner to me. That’s two wins for Cain, who is my pick for World Series MVP. The Giants will finally have their long awaited first championship since moving West in the 50’s.

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