Things I Want to Remember, Vol. 13

I just went back and read some of these older posts about “Things I Want to Remember”. (If you’d like to read them, just click on the “Kids” category to the right.) I’m so thankful that I’ve written these little things down over the months. There are always things you think you’ll remember, but without writing them down, you’re toast.

I want to remember how Abby Kate says hot chocolate. Despite being corrected multiple times, she still refers to it as “hot not chocolate”. Pretty catchy, don’t you think?


Yesterday Joshua told me, “Dad, Jesus is the shepherd and we’re his little sheep. And you’re, like, a medium sized sheep.” At least I wasn’t a “large sized sheep”.


We got Abby Kate a CD player for Christmas, along with the new Taylor Swift CD. I’ll bet we’ve already listened to that album 20 times here at our house. I’m not a fan, but I love how much Abby Kate loves music. All of our kids love music, actually. Jackson kind of bobs his head and taps his feet when he hears a song he likes (but to be clear, he DOES NOT like Taylor Swift, either). This year was the first year our kids really developed an appreciation for Christmas music. Their favorites? Alvin & the Chipmunks Christmas album and Bob Dylan’s version of “Must Be Santa”. I love their eclectic tastes!

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