January Link Love

It’s been a while since I’ve done an “around-the-horn” link post. Lots going on in the lives of my friends that I encourage you to check out. Such as:

  • My friend Lane has written a great blog entry entitled “Course Correction”. Using Jeremiah 29 and the Jewish exile in Babylon, Lane writes about God’s plan for His people and His desire to bequeath to them true prosperity. You should check it out; I think it’ll be a blessing to your devotional reading.
  • My friend David has started a new blog, The Peddler. Eclectic would be a good word to describe David’s musings: books, burgers, photography, and I imagine a healthy dose of not taking himself too seriously, an uncommon quality in the blogosphere. Stop by The Peddler and see for yourself.
  • Looking for some snack ideas for the big Packers / Steelers Super Bowl party? Check out my sister’s site, TaraCooks. In addition to plenty of dessert recipes on the main page (double peanut butter fudge cookies and coconut cake are among the many recipes featured recently), check out the sidebar of Super Bowl faves. You won’t be disappointed. I promise.
  • Those of you who enjoy photography should stop by PhotosITook, a photography website maintained by my 16 year old nephew, Micah. I know I’m biased, but I think he has quite an eye for a capturing things with the camera. Check it out and give him some feedback.
  • Our friends, Jon & Stacy, are preparing for the adventure of a lifetime: sometime in the year 2011, they’ll begin a new chapter of their lives as missionaries in Honduras. Although they’re still stateside for the next few months, this journey has been several years in the making and Stacy has been maintaining a private blog to chronicle the “pre-history” of God’s call on their lives to serve and share the Good News in Honduras. Their blog is called Greatly Commissioned and I invite you to stop by and read Jon & Stacy’s story…because it truly is a God story. You can also expect some updates next month as Jon & Stacy spend the month of February on the ground in Honduras preparing for their long-term embedment. Even more, I know Jon & Stacy covet your prayers as they transition their family to a new place and a new ministry.
  • My friend Troy has been feeling a desire recently to foster civil conversation among Christians regarding politics in the United States and the Kingdom of God. After talking with him for several months, Troy has decided to launch a blog called Kingdom Politics in an effort to create space for productive Kingdom dialogue. I know many of my Christian friends want no part of a discussion about politics, but I appreciate Troy’s desire to redeem such a conversation in light of our calling as citizens of heaven. I’ll be contributing to the blog from time to time, as will others, but if this sounds like your cup of tea, stop by and join the conversation.
  • Finally, after a brief hiatus, my wife is back among the blogging. You should flood her with adoring comments. Because she’s that awesome.
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3 Responses to January Link Love

  1. Tara says:

    Thanks for the shout out Jason. I can’t wait to visit some of your recommended blogs.

  2. Stacy says:

    I also say thanks for the shout-out!! It’s so weird that yesterday afternoon (before I even saw your links) I was piddling around on the computer and ended up scrolling through Micah’s photography website! He’s got some pretty cool pictures! And, of course, I love Tara’s site! 🙂

    • Jason says:

      No “thank you” is necessary. Lots of good stuff going on in the blogging world. Glad you’ve seen Micah’s site. I think he’s got some good stuff on there.

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