On Grace and Faith

A helpful thought from Robert Schnase’s wonderful little book Five Practices of Fruitful Living:

Grace refers to the gift-like quality of God’s love, the initiating power and presence of God in our lives. Grace is God accepting us, despite our rejecting or ignoring or rebelling against God’s love. Grace is God offering us a relationship, loving us. It is the unexpected UPS package delivered to our front door with our name on it.

Faith is our acceptance of the gift, the opening of our hearts to invite God’s love into our lives. Faith is our receiving God’s grace, love, and pardon, and allowing these gifts to shape us and make us anew. Faith is the commitment again and again to live by grace, to honor the gift, and use it, and pass it along. Faith is accepting the UPS package, signing on the dotted line, taking it inside our house, unwrapping it, and discovering its treasure.

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