The Call of Leadership

From Israel L. Gaither, retired National Commander of The Salvation Army, in his chapter entitled “Leading and Serving in His Strength” from the fantastic book Nonprofit Leadership In A For-Profit World:

Some of the most effective Christian leaders are not only those who stand behind pulpits on Sunday morning. On any day there are godly leaders of great value sitting behind desks in corporate America, managing households, and supervising laborers in the workforce. Leaders are standing among us who do not yet know that they are about the receive the call — a call to witness in whatever place they find themselves. I pray it often: “Lord, call more of us. Place more of us in the lives and circumstances of those who are waiting for a word and an action that give evidence that their world has not been abandoned by you.”

I love this quote and I love this prayer. Lord, call more leaders to take up arms in Your name, that the waiting and the broken might hear a word and see some action that brings You glory, honor, and praise.

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1 Response to The Call of Leadership

  1. Ashleigh says:

    That’s a pretty awesome quote.

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