Greatest Game Ever?

Obviously, it should come as no surprise to most of you that I’m on cloud nine today. My beloved Cardinals, down to their last strike, not once but twice, the season hanging by a precarious thread with the Rangers poised on the top step ready to erupt in blissful jubilation…my Cardinals, against all odds, backs against the wall, fouling off pitches and fighting and scrapping and clawing, “manufacturing” runs in the 8th, 9th, 10th AND 11th innings to win what is already being hailed as “THE GREATEST WORLD SERIES GAME EVER.”

So yeah, I’m pretty excited.

But greatest game ever? Not so fast.

Sure, as a Cardinal fan, there’s the personal investment I have in this team and the thrill of watching them win after botching it royally in the early innings. (Sidebar: Matt Holliday should do David Freese’s laundry for a year, if not the duration of his 17-million-a-year albatross contract.) And it’s next to impossible for me to separate this game from it’s context: 10.5 games back in August; getting into the playoffs on the final day of the season; down 2-1 to Philly in the DS; down 3-2 to Texas; down to our last strike (twice!!!). Add in the back-and-forth nature of this thing and Freese’s dramatic extra-base hits and, sure, you have an epic. No question.

But how about we let the hyperbole run its course and come back a week from now, a month from now, and see how we feel.

Again, I’m mustering up all the objectivity I can find, but I can’t quite anoint this as the Greatest Game Ever. For starters, it was only Game 6. There have been quite a few dramatic Game 7’s in the sports history that outrank this one (’91 comes to mind immediately; ’01 would be in the conversation, too). As dramatic as this Game 6 was, it wasn’t for all the marbles. As colossal as the Rangers’ FAIL is here, they could easily come out tonight and score 14 runs and win it going away. Plus, this game was just sloppy in places. Hard to compare this one to the pristine 1-0 Game 7 of 1991.

So let’s recognize this one for what it was: an intensely epic game, one of the most thrilling World Series games we’ve seen in quite some time. And let’s hope for one more good game tonight, since it’ll be a long, long time before they’ll be at this again. (To say nothing of the fact that we might be bidding Albert adieu at Series’ end. Shudder the thought.)

Go Cards. And Happy Game 7, everybody.

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