John 6

With the strong emphasis on belief that we’ve already discussed, I’m struck once again by how often John’s Gospel uses the word. And yet, despite the miracles in this chapter — the feeding of the 5,000; walking on water — people begin turning away from Jesus, in spite of all that they’ve seen and experienced (v66).

I also find it interesting that Jesus assumes responsibility for the care of the people here. When he asks Philip how they’re going to feed all of them, I’m sure Philip was thinking, “Is this our responsibility?” But Jesus DOES accept this burden. I think this foreshadows His role as the Good Shepherd in ch10.

Jesus seems to be testing the disciples faithfulness and their resourcefulness. I love what Andrew does here, bringing the young boy’s lunch to Jesus. With this mustard seed, He proceeds to produce miraculous abundance. The same is true of our gifts, no matter the size. With Jesus, our gifts are multiplied into blessings for others. What gifts can you offer? What’s in your “lunch box”?

V14 — People have a particular belief about Jesus, but He withdraws when the action prompted by this belief (attempting to make him king by force) runs contrary to His ultimate purpose.

I love how the people in this chapter are searching for Jesus. It calls me to think with fresh eyes about those around me who are searching for Truth, for Life, for Love.

Finally, I love Peter’s response when Jesus asks if the disciples want to desert Him, too. “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” My paraphrase: “Jesus, you’re all that we’ve got!” As we’ve said already, the teaching here is that Jesus is enough!

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